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This page contains links to a variety of website that I highly recommend. If you want to learn Kendo or Iaido in the UK, please use the link at the bottom of this page. If you live outside the UK, please contact me, and I'll help to put you in touch with the relevant organisation in your country. - Reputable sword maker which sells excellent custom made practice swords. - Another great site which sells all kinds of Iaido, Kendo and Tameshigiri products, including top-end custom swords. - An excellent sites which sells, amongst many things, some great practice swords by Paul Chen (Hanwei swords), as well as samurai armour and accessories. - Website of the Fred Lohman company, who specialize in sword restoration and sell an excellent range of fiitings. - FAQ containing a vast amount of information on sword arts, including much advice about buying a sword. - The japanese sword index, a highly detailed site with much information about different variations of the blades of japanese swords. - The website of the British Royal Armouries in Leeds, UK. They have an excellent collection of Japanese arms and armour, and the rest of their stuff isn't bad either! To top it off, admission is free! Most of the photos on this site were taken by me at the Royal Armouries. Well worth a visit if you're out that way. - The British Kendo Association, the authority on learning Kendo and Iaido in the UK. Contains a list of all clubs in the country, with contact details.

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